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About Us

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Welcome to The Roxie Resali Beauty Clinic and Academy, where we provide an ethical approach to high end service delivery and product cultivation.  An embodiment of our values of innovation, professionalism and integrity, The Roxie Resali Beauty Clinic and Academy is committed to driving optimum results: your satisfaction is our business. 


Taking the time to take care of yourself, results in a more confident and energised you - from the inside out. The Roxie Resali Beauty Clinic clients  are women  who pave their own way and recognise that taking exquisite care of yourself is empowering: a necessity, rather than an indulgence. 


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Our Story

Spanning a career of over 6 years, Roxie Resali is a reputable aesthetic practitioner and driving force in the field of lash and brow innovation. 


Lashes by Roxie was founded in 2017, following a transition from the field of law to lash innovation. From law to lashes, Roxie aligned her passion for creativity with attention to detail and precision, in optimising results and swiftly securing a reputation for high quality.  


3 years after the launch of Lashes by Roxie, Roxie established an accredited training Academy. Having manifested her own success, Roxie was driven by the mindset and mission of enabling women to step into their power and supporting them to establish a beauty career in the same way she did.   Roxie has always been a strong believer that prioritising client experience and high quality service takes priority above all else. Capturing a need in the lash industry, Roxie released a professional only product range for lash technicians, with products available for purchase and use on their clients. The beauty eco-system model that Roxie has developed, provides a platform for separate entities to create and share, building collective value for lash industry clients. 

Throughout the evolution of her brand, Roxie Resali has remained true to her early career vision of optimum results and client satisfaction.  The future advancement of The Roxie Resali Clinic and Academy remains aligned to this vision, whilst continuing to orchestrate a true community enterprise and the sphere of influence across the industry.


With new premises that promise to be a haven for clients -  and headquarters for therapists and trainees - this is an exciting time for the Roxie Resali Clinic and Academy eco-system.

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