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Roxie Resali: The Evolution

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Evolution: process of continuous change to a higher, or better state; growth.

This is a new direction for my brand, centred on making my clients feel brand new.

This is a phase for levelling up, as together we step into a new era.

This is the evolution of Lashes by Roxie, to The Roxie Resali Beauty Clinic & Academy.

Driven by the mission of enabling women like you to step into your power, I hope to inspire you with my reflections and rebrand motivation. This blog provides a perfect opportunity to begin my rebrand with a reintroduction!

The only constant in beauty is change! Spanning a career of over 6 years, I have been fortunate to evolve my position as an industry expert in the ever-changing field of lash and brow innovation to include a full offering of aesthetic and skin rejuvenation. For a deep dive into The Roxie Resali Beauty Clinic & Academy brand evolution, let’s take it back to the start …

Lashes by Roxie was founded in 2017, following a swift transition from the field of law to lash innovation! From law to lashes, I aligned my passion for creativity with attention to detail and precision, swiftly securing a reputation for high quality.

With both lashes and learning, there’s always room for growth! Whether it’s creating new styles, offering a broader range of lash services or eventually developing your own product range, the opportunities are endless. Therefore, three years after the launch of Lashes by Roxie, I established an accredited training Academy. Having manifested my success, I was driven by the mindset and mission of enabling women to step into their power!

You’ve probably realised by now that standing still is something I simply can’t do! Capturing a need in the lash industry, I was driven by the mission to provide solutions to the problems that lash technicians face, by way of product innovation. I channelled my energy and expertise into the development of a product line of professional eyelash products, specifically for technicians.

My ‘why’ throughout this evolution?

The short answer is simple: The need for a change came as I began to feel that the earlier version of my brand no longer aligned with todays version of me, yet the essence and core values remain the same, simply refined - I want to empower others to either feel good about themselves, or build a business in the same way I did.

The longer answer is a little more complicated and to understand it, you first have to know a little about my earliest inspiration! The Roxie Resali Beauty Clinic and Academy environment that I have cultivated is rooted in the influences from the community that I grew up in. Drawing upon the inspiration of women in my family who have placed great importance on beauty and self care, as central to Iranian culture, I am driven by a mission to support women like you to take exquisite care of themselves. Moreover, the influences of art and creativity associated with Iranian culture have certainly inspired my eye for innovation.

‘Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.’

Rumi (Persian Poet & Philosopher)

One of the things I love about this industry, is the super supportive community of women lifting each other up: your vibe attracts your tribe! Our community has been a huge driver for me in thinking about new innovative ways to evolve and support women to take exquisite care of themselves across North London, a beauty hub known for its high end beauty service delivery.

As I enter a new phase of elevation with the evolution of The Roxie Resali Clinic and Academy, I remain aligned to the early vision of Lashes by Roxie …. and what brought you wonderful clients to me in the first place!

So what sets The Roxie Resali Beauty Clinic and Academy apart from others?

My approach provides a haven for clients to combine rejuvenation of their look and wellbeing simultaneously, where the pillars of skill, style, quality and empowerment are part of the experience. The growing range of luxury treatments is underpinned by investment in state of the art equipment and products at The Roxie Resali Beauty Clinic. Now offering a full range of semi permanent makeup, skin rejuvenation and cosmetic injectables, the clinic offers high end beauty treatments, for your highest self! Your satisfaction is my business and I therefore take great pride in the ethical approach to service delivery and product cultivation at The Roxie Resali Beauty Clinic.

Whilst the menu of services has increased, the goal remains for clients to leave me feeling boosted, having been showered with feel good vibes and a truly personal experience. The Roxie Resali Beauty Clinic clients are women like you, who pave their own way and recognise that taking exquisite care of yourself is empowering: a necessity, rather than an indulgence.

Taking it to 2023, the evolution of my brand has been secured. I look forward to welcoming you all to the Roxie Resali Beauty Clinic & Academy.

Roxie x

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