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6 Reasons to become a Lash Artist from an Industry Insider

Six reasons to become a Lash Artist from your industry insider!

Dream of becoming a lash artist, but held back by the unknowns? Let’s talk all things lashes with my six reasons why you should step into this lucrative industry!


Who doesn’t want to be their own boss whilst doing what they love? Control is key. As a lash artist you control your own hours, your work patterns and all of the financial gain from your hard work. Whether you are aspiring to a career that fits with your family commitments, or a side hustle that appeals to your creative nature, you can unlock this freedom as a lash artist. If, like us, you hate Monday mornings, you even have the freedom to simply just take them off! Going solo also means going anywhere: as your life priorities or dreams change over time, being a lash expert is a skill that you can take with you!

Low Start Up Costs

Money matters; we hear you. An understandable deterrent to those with dreams of setting up their own business can often be start up costs. However, setting up a lash business actually has very low start up costs. With a little investment in the right training you can start up straight away!

High Earning Potential

Volume and growth: not just limited to the lashes themselves, the volume and growth of the industry is increasing and the potential for high profit is huge. Whilst financial gain isn’t everything, the desire to learn and earn can be mutually advantageous. There is no cap to how much you can earn once you master the skill and spend your time lashing.


Have you ever considered why we love transformations so much? Yes, there’s the appeal of the eye being drawn by something aesthetically satisfying, but it goes deeper than that. The sense of hope and wish fulfilment that a transformation carries is an incredible feel good factor. Therefore, imagine the satisfaction you’ll receive as a result of being responsible for creating a client’s desired lash transformation. Lashing is a rewarding process that brings out the ultimate creativity in you whilst making your client feel beautiful. The game is empowerment and everyone’s a winner!


Every lash artist will telI you that the relationship with their clients is special. Built on trust and connection, lashing is a social career. You will practise your craft whilst meeting people from all different walks of life and making worthwhile connections. Lasting lashes mean lasting relationships and return clients!

Ongoing Growth and Development

With both lashes and learning, there’s always room for growth! Whether it’s acquiring or creating new styles, offering a broader range of lash services or eventually creating your own product range, the opportunities are endless!

Now that we’ve convinced you that there are more reasons to start a lash career than not, are you ready for your next step?

With The Roxie Resali Academy, learning how to become a lash artist doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You receive extensive guidance and mentoring; so much more than a traditional training course. The training Academy offers a range of lash courses, suited to existing levels of skill that are accredited with ABT and insurable. Learning from Roxie Resali will push you out of your comfort zone to reach your full potential; put in the work and make it work for you!

Nothing satisfies us more than seeing our students excel, not just as lash artists but as women who step into their power, with lashings of confidence!

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